Three Easy Video Tips That Are Often Overlooked

Three-Easy-Video-TipsHere are three easy video tips that people overlook far too often. Let’s get a few things straight first. Video is one of the fastest growing forms of media and as a small business owner and entrepreneur, it has never been this easy to get your message out in to your target audience.

However, people are often intimidated to create videos for their business and ultimately decide not to do them. On the other hand, there are people that crank them out as if they were on some kind of assembly line BUT often miss the mark and fall flat on their face in the message they portray.

Sure “Good is good enough”, however, you want to be certain that you at least follow these three video tips to ensure that your viewers get the most from each experience.

Three Easy Video Tips


Easy Video Tips – #1

Prepare – Yes this may seem overly simple, yet it is so often over looked. I have seen far too many crappy videos out there that look as though they were thrown together with no real concept of what they are offering to the viewer. All too often it’s this… “Hi, ‘m John, now buy my stuff.”

People want three things prior to buying anything from you. They want to get to know like and trust you first. Without that, chances of them buying anything from you get flushed right down the porcelain thrown.

You will want to prepare what your going to talk about, the lighting, your environment. Watch for background noise and dress appropriately to the expectation of your target audience. This means if your a plumber dress in a plumbers uniform versus a suite and tie. Pretty simple, but this is so often neglected.

Easy Video Tips – #2

Relax and be Yourself – It’s almost like some magic pixie dust gets sprinkled on people when they get in front of a camera. People tend to go from one extreme to the next. I have seen people who are naturally outgoing, fun and energetic.

You know the type a real “people person” who is like a magnet in creating conversations and relationships with just about anyone. Well, I have seen them completely clam up and freeze when the little red light on the camera is on.

On the other hand I have also seen people become drama kings and queens with over hyped gestures, enunciation of their speech, and they come across as though its a Broadway audition.

The trick is to just be you. Ignore the camera and imagine yourself having a conversation with your best friend who you are sharing some great information with. Don’t be that infomercial guy pushing and selling your product or service. I can hear it now, “Buy now while supplies last, simply call 1-800″… you know the rest. Just be you, people will get the natural and genuine person that you are.

Easy Video Tips – #3

Give Value – Here is a real big one and if you get this piece right from the start, people are more willing to excuse poor video quality. Your viewer is interested in one thing “WIIFM – What’s in it for me.” That’s the one thing that is on their mind.

People don’t want to be sold. They want to be given solutions to their problems and challenges that they are facing. It’s up to you to deliver that in bite sized chunks that they can easily digest. A good rule of thumb is that 80-90% of your video is giving them information on how they can solve a problem they are having. The last 10% or so, is about how they can find out more information or actually get the “thing” that will solve their problem.

Easy Video Tips – Conclusion

As a business owner, use video consistently as part of your marketing efforts and you will notice a difference in your business and how you are perceived by your clients and customers. Just remember to follow these easy video tips for an even greater response.

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