What makes good, affordable website designers?

Are all affordable website designers created equal?

With so many options out in the marketplace for website design solutions that promise to be the best. How can you tell the difference and what should you look for without driving your self crazy trying to figure it all out?

how to find affordable website designers

One of the first question that you need to ask yourself before starting to shop around for website designers is, “What is it that I want my website to do for me?”

Will it be for personal use that you can keep everyone around you up to date with your life’s experiences?

Will it be a business site to promote products or services?

Maybe your a small business owner who has found that now is the right time to capture you online piece or real estate to keep up with your competition.

Now that you have an idea of what it will be used for you will also need to understand some of the basics about website, how they work and what site best fits your needs.

Today, I will cover the basic understanding of a static site versus a dynamic site.

First off a static site is probably the most common of all site. Typically by nature a static site tends to be one that is created with content one time and for the most part keeps the same content for as long as that site exists.

Some static sites look great but unfortunately, big brother Google, tends to push these sites down in rankings after a period of time.

static website costs you traffic


Well, look at it this way. If you could have tomorrows newspaper today including the winning lotto numbers would you find that of value?

Of course you would.

What if everyday for the next year the newspaper company kept delivering the exact same newspaper over and over again to your home for a full year.

Would you bother even reading it after the first few times?

I highly doubt it.

That is the exact same way that Google and other search engines look at websites. Why would they continue to show their readers old content when there is so much new content being added to the Internet on a daily basis.

That’s where a dynamic website comes in. If you are an individual, entrepreneur or business owner, you would do your self a disservice by opting for anything other than a dynamic site.

A dynamic site allows you to update information relatively easy by adding articles, reviews, current news, videos, images or anything else that is relevant to your audience.

When this happens Google and other search engines quickly index your “new” content and depending on the relevance to of what you have added to your site, they give it a grade and place it to be found in their search engines.

This allows your site to remain relevant and fresh and of course the fresher the content, the better it is to attract more traffic to your site.

free website traffic

So are all affordable website designers created equal?

Absolutely not.

There are far too many designers out there that are still using out dated design techniques that as a consumer, you may not even be able to tell but in the end will make the difference between attracting the right clients and customers or feeling like you are livingĀ  in a ghost town.

I hope that you found this information of value. Before you go, leave me a comment by clicking on the comments link above. I will be back soon with some additional tips on finding a solution to your website needs.

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    I have strongly believe in establishing affordable web design . My ideal web designer will have creative mind to meet the expectation my target audience to create search engine friendly website at affordable price.

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