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It’s the Live Internet TV that just never seems to get easier.
As we spend more of our lives online, we use more of our brains creating and keeping track of Internet passwords.

Becky Worley offers tips for keeping your online info safe.We need them to access banks, e-mail accounts, social networks, shopping sites, travel sites, loan programs, mortgage statements… The list goes on and on. And, to be duplicate safe, we need to have a different password for each online account.
It’s enough to give any Internet user a World Wide Web-sized trouble.
ABC internet tv News asked security experts for their advice on creating and managing online passwords. Check out their tips below:
1. Be Complicated.
With all the passwords you have to remember, it can be tempting to keep it simple. But experts say not long, basic passwords are a cakewalk for hackers.
 The new Kindle is flying off Amazon’s virtual shelves. Amazon says it has already sold out of the two new models of the eReader, a week after introducing them. One version is the cheapest Kindle yet, costing $139. Amazon is one of these days taking pre-orders but it’ll ship a week later, going out most Sept 4.

 We’re still doing pretty much the same things, such as electronic messaging and reading news. But Facebook is changing the way we get that information, making it more personalized. For the start time, games beat out e-mail as the second most pop online activity.

Apple will unveil updates today to the software that powers the iPhone. iPhone owners are hoping Apple addresses one of the few gripes about the device: extra multi-tasking. There’s no way right now to run more than one program at a time, omit for a Choose? few, and those are mostly Apple’s own programs. Any changes to the iPhone will also show up on the iPad because they run on the same software. But the updates probably won’t be available for a few months.

“Some of the productivity suites, people are having a small bit of trouble with because it’s a brand new interface,” Bilton wrote. “You’re literally using something that you probably used for many, many years on a touch-screen device with a pop-up keyboard, and it’s designed for that touch-screen device, so to get used to it actually takes a little bit of work.”

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