Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin… What is the difference? Part II

By now I’m sure that if you were not using Twitter as one of your small business marketing solutions prior to my last post, at least by now you have actually headed over to Twitter to check out.

If for the odd chance that you are yet to stumble on by there, I hope that by the time that we are done here today you will take me up on the challenge to go and sign up for a free Twitter account so that you can at least start to explore it and find the true power behind this amazing tool.

In my last post we talked about Twitter, we cover what it is, how to use it and where to find great easy to use free content that you can provide to your viewers. Remember, just because you did not write the content doesn’t mean that you’re not the one who is creating the relationship.

Just like telling a friend or loved one about a great restaurant that you went to. You don’t that restaurant and you were not the Chef, but you are looked upon by your friends and family as the one who pointed them in the right direction and you get all the credit.

Just like the restaurant that you send them to, you want to make sure that the content that you are sharing and providing is relevant to their niche, entertaining and brings a greater level of knowledge to them. It just needs to be good so they remember you.

tips to successful twitter usage

Alright, so this next part is going to assume that you have open a free Twitter account. So if you have not do so yet, head over to Twitter, set one up and then come back here. It should take you all of 5 minutes to do so.

Let’s talk about a feature that Twitter offers, again for free to make the use of the site that much easier. It’s Twitters search capabilities. Once you have joined, you will see a small search box on your home page that says, you guessed it, “search”. What you want to do is type in your keyword that you are looking for in there.

For example, you want to find people that are interested in “soccer” type that in. Twitter will return to you the most recent people talking or using the word “soccer” in their conversations. If you find that they are heavily into soccer after you click on their profile, and your niche is “soccer”, then that is someone that you are going to want to follow.

That is your target audience right?

Are you starting to see to power here?

Now, chances are that the people that follow that person are also into soccer, so you can then take a look at their profile and follow them if it makes sense to. The amazing thing about Twitter that is not like most other social media sites is that everyone who has a list on Twitter is open source. That means that you can look at anybodies list.

That is simply incredible.

That would be like calling your biggest competitor and asking them if they could FedEx over their personal list of clients so you can begin to market to them.

“Hello, hello, are you there?”

They would probably hang up on you at that point.

However, with Twitter, the people that tend to follow some of your biggest competitors are probably on their followers list and you have complete access to them for FREE. As a business owner, you can’t find better small business marketing solutions for free.

Now are you seeing why major companies and corporations are turning more and more to the internet and specifically to social media?

Chances are that if you content with them, on a personal level and use the blueprint that I have outlined in these last two post you will start to attract clients in to your business with credit card in hand. I don’t know about you, but that sure is powerful.

card in hand

Social media is here to stay, so are you set up to properly market yourself online?

If you’re not, the only thing that you are doing is allowing your competitors to such up your clients, and enticing them to use their services.

There are some great automation tools to help with this process, but keep in mind that there is no substitute for person to person contact. People want to do business with people that they know like and trust.

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